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Quick Placement of Consultant Radiology in Corporate Hospital – Dr. Yodhraj Sarmal (MD Radiology)                 Protect Privacy along with congenial atmosphere of working – Dr. Gitesh Aggarwal (MD Anaesthesist).                 Salaries are discussed in advance and beyond expectation – Dr. Anil Arya (Neurosurgeon).                             Resume designing as per candidate’s potential to highlight all aspects - Dr. Shaban.                 Numerous options thoroughly negotiated before placement as desired – Dr. Harmender Singh (MD Medicine).                 Locum base working option available at a respectable price – Dr. Deepak Aggarwal (DM Cardiologist).                
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Sarajobs is a Delhi based Recruitment firm providing recruitment all over India, jobs in Delhi, Specialist in Medical Recruitment, Marketing, IT Webdevelopment, Advertising, promotion, media.
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